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About Us

IIFSM is a professional educational institute offering courses in the field of Fire and Safety. Do you know that you can be one of them, tomorrow you can be known as an fire engineer, fire officer, Fire Inspector, Fire sub officer, Fireman, Safety Assistant, Safety Manager, Safety Supervisor, Safety Officer, Safety Executive etc. So don't think, don't wait for the opportunity ? get the opportunity wait for you.

Under section 40(b) of the Factory Act, 1948, Government of India authorised the State Government to make it mandatory for the industrial units to appoint Safety Officer to protect the workers from occupational hazards like bodily injuries, poisoning diseases etc. Under this provision and the rules framed by the Directorate General, Factory Advisory Service and Central Labour Institute, Safety Officers have to possess formal safety education and Diploma in Industrial Safety. To fulfil the need for such qualified safety officials and to help spread of safety education, the Institute offers a one-year Diploma course in Industrial Safety. The institute is concerned with the need for providing education, for the working class and the problem of "Safety and Health" at work.

Accreditation and Recognition


JiFSA to set up a bench mark for its high standard of training in global scenario: so people may observe and identify the difference : because of its quality and Uniqueness

British Safety Council (BSC), UK

Institute of Industrial Fire & Saftey Management is a member of British Safety Council to manage legislation and compliance, as well as systematically raising your health, safety and environment

Fire Security Association of India (FSAI), India

Institute of Industrial Fire & Saftey Management is a member of Fire Security Association of India. FIRE SECURITY ASSOCIATION OF INDIA (FSAI) is a non profitable organisation representing the Fire Protection, Life Safety, Security, Building Automation, Loss Prevention and Risk Management domains.

National Safety Council (NSC), India

Institute of Industrial Fire & Saftey Management is a member of National Safety Council with their vision to be a national leader for providing guidance and services to make safer healthier and environment friendly.


Institute of Industrial Fire & Saftey Management is a Associated with MSME-Technology Development Centre (PPDC), A Govt. of India Organisation, Ministry of MSME.